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I share my experiences with technology, startups and getting through life. Capturing the gist of the time goes into the notes; my larger learnings are to be found under essays, both arbitrarily categorized.

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Tie Guan Yin #11-25

A batch of 15 new episodes that got me closer to a useful site. Read the whole article

Technology Choices Are Bets

Choosing a technology is not a choice, it’s a bet. Read the whole article

On B Players

A-Players and B-players are used to label people unnecessarily while ignoring the influence of the environment. Read the whole article

The Ethics of a Click

We change lives with a click. The power should be used with responsibility. Read the whole article

Why I Hate Phone Calls

Unscheduled phone calls are a terrible idea. Read the whole article

Which Scale?

There are a lot of scales and scaling needs to be discussed within the appropriate context. Read the whole article

Tie Guan Yin #08-10

Three new episodes of Tie Guan Yin focused on HTML rendering Read the whole article

On Acurracy and Bullshit

Acurracy and Bullshit are not in opposition. Read the whole article

How To Handle Email Calmly

How I handle email without anxieties. Read the whole article

Computer Power as a Currency

Bitcoin problems notwithstanding, tying buying power to computer power is a viable idea. Read the whole article

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