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I share my experiences with technology, startups and getting through life. Capturing the gist of the time goes into the notes; my larger learnings are to be found under essays, both arbitrarily categorized.

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On Computable Ethics

Global systems must develop global ethics. We are nowhere near being capable of that.

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Programming, Fast and Slow

There are two types of projects that require different decision making.

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APIs Are Ontological Boundaries

APIs represent boundaries between systems and their models of reality. Unifying this representation is not a good idea.

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Technology Choices Are Bets

Choosing a technology is not a choice, it’s a bet.

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On B Players

A-Players and B-players are used to label people unnecessarily while ignoring the influence of the environment.

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Which Scale?

There are a lot of scales and scaling needs to be discussed within the appropriate context.

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On Acurracy and Bullshit

Acurracy and Bullshit are not in opposition.

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How To Handle Email Calmly

How I handle email without anxieties.

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On Uneducated Hiring

The practices of hiring seem to carry over from education system experience. Unlearn them.

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On Touch Typing

Touch typing is a modern superpower. Learn it.

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Learnings from last weeks

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