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On Reducing Problems to the One AI Thing

We are now living in the age of OpenAI narrative, and a lot of problems are to be aligned to fit it. What are going to be side-effects of its implementation is going to be very interesting.

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The Antsy ML of 2022

In 2022, machine learning crossed a usability threshold that makes a lot of knowledge workers nervous.

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On Computable Ethics

Global systems must develop global ethics. We are nowhere near being capable of that.

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On Consequences of Europe's Age Pyramid

Since Europe is aging, politicians can win by only targeting the elderly population. This creates a conservative feedback loop that’s unlikely to end soon.

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Programming, Fast and Slow

There are two types of projects that require different decision making.

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How to Recover From Composite Primary Key With Django and MySQL

If you want to use an existing database table with composite primary key with Django, this is how to work around it.

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How To Talk To OAuth2 Server With Authorization Code Flow From The Console

If you need to talk to OAuth2 server with Authorization grant from a CLI tool, this is how to do it.

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APIs Are Ontological Boundaries

APIs represent boundaries between systems and their models of reality. Unifying this representation is not a good idea.

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Tie Guan Yin #11-25

A batch of 15 new episodes that got me closer to a useful site.

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Technology Choices Are Bets

Choosing a technology is not a choice, it’s a bet.

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