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I share my experiences with technology, startups and getting through life. Capturing the gist of the time goes into the notes; my larger learnings are to be found under essays.

This site will get a design as a celebration for publishing the 10th essay.

We Don't Know What Employment Is

At the heart of a lot of workplace problems I encountered is a very fundamental and culturally specific issue: we don’t have a shared idea of what employment is. Everyone vaguely agrees on basic differences between full and part-time workers, entrepreneurs, contractors and interns yet again, the devil is in the details. If you are buying a service, you pick one: Paying fordelivery, be it a haircut or a cooked meal Paying per hour with maybe a rough initial estimate, but only knowing a final price afterward. Read more

How To Access AWS Securely From CLI With 1Password From Any Platform

Tl;dr: Copy & Paste the script and source it into your shell. But since this is about handling your secrets, you should know what is it doing and why. Passwords secure your digital identity and everybody knows to keep them save. As its usage skyrocketed, more sophisticated users use password manager as the trade-off seems to favor completely unique passwords over the possible compromitation of the manager1. Yet the computers that belong to the sophisticated users—developers—are often littered with passwords stored in clear text. Read more

On Successful Startups

There is one distinct thing that stands between successful startups and failures. This is based on my own experience, listening to the inside stories from the Valley, talking to multiple startup founders as well as to a few of FAANG early employees. It is the only advice I am comfortable giving that I am confident will increase your odds significantly and outweighs every other factor I am aware of: Be lucky. Read more

How To Survive a Day In Remote Meetings

Going through a day spent in meetings is easy to underestimate. For those who never did it, it’s just a day spent talking. For makers who were forced to go through it, it’s easy to trash: “the best way to solve this problem is to never have it” or “this meeting should have been an email”. But crises do occur. High-volume, low-latency, space-distributed decision making is needed. There is a difference between spending a day in the meeting room with other people and having group calls—with video or without, timezone-distributed or not. Read more

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