Notes for week 02 of 2023

Lots of changes and preparations for personal ceremonies. I also finally got ahold of my own performance review with bunch of good tips. The work changes dust is still in the air, and it’s interesting to observe the rolling ball of changes.

One feedback that makes me think is around the usage of singular and plural in presentations (when to say “I”, and when to say “we”). I used to transfer heavily towards “we” presentations, but the problem of heavy “we” usage in the position of power is that it can be easily perceived as a manipulation technique. When I said “we want to do” on behalf of a person that had no say in such decision, they might’ve been rightfully annoyed. The rule of thumb I created was “we” when talking about past events where multiple people participated, but “I” when talking about decision-making, even when it involved a group.

As I transitioned away from Director+ roles, I freed some of my brain cycles and stop paying as much attention to this. Turns out that result is a random mix, and even at a team lead level, it matters.


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