The Last Weeknote Of 2022

The scraping script that forms the basis of those notes is not well suited for travel, hence the break in the weeknotes. It’s been exhausting, but it’s been fun.

As mentioned last time, I had fun at work. Dust is still settling, and there’s nothing to share publicly yet. What is finally public is the work that took the better part of the year: the improvements my team did to our reporting product. It was the first time I’d seriously touched anything resembling data warehousing, and it proved to be fun with our real-time constraints.

I started to enjoy Mastodon. Sure, there is a lot of meta, but there is the energy of something new emerging that I’ve been missing in the space for a while. And it seems like it may pour money and attention into the kind of software I’d like to use.

I hitchhiked as a +1 to my partner’s meetup in Florida. I am no particular fan of that place, but during December, it features reasonable temperatures. I’ve been lucky to finally hit an unscrubbed rocket launch, so I finally saw a rocket go to space with my own eyes. And I am super excited to see Yemi heading there.

I hoped to finish editing the two essays and two notes and publish them before the end of the year so I can also write a newsletter, and failed spectacularly. I blame the last Christmas gift on a forest getaway where everything digital was shut down, and I’ve enjoyed it quite a bit.

One of them concerns the machine learning developments of this year. Seems like both stable diffusion and ChatGPT interface brought down a certain barrier, and we will get much more ML-adjacent things. I mean, see what’s out.

I managed to get a lot of book recommendations and started reading fiction more again.

Not for the world much, but personally, it was a good year.


# used by brew
export HOMEBREW_GITHUB_API_TOKEN=$(security find-generic-password -w -s ‘CLI-APIs’ -a ‘GITHUB_API_TOKEN’)

a great way to get stable diffusion running locally on mac

  • In week 50, I’ve walked 31 km. I’ve been active for 9.3 hours during 9 activities. This week’s max speed was 39.9 km/h and I conquered 303 elevation meters.
  • In week 51, I’ve walked 17 km. I’ve been active for 4.7 hours during 8 activities. This week’s max speed was 31.1 km/h and I conquered 103 elevation meters.
  • In week 52, I’ve walked 11 km. I’ve been active for 6.0 hours during 8 activities. This week’s max speed was 9.3 km/h and I conquered 200 elevation meters.

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