Notes for week 46 of 2022

Short week, but that was compensated by intensity. Productboard laid off 20% of its workforce, and I found myself suddenly reporting to the CTO directly. Dust is to settle yet, but it was an interesting follow-up to the leadership offsite from the last week. From structural perspective, this was one of the most making-sense layoffs I saw, so kudos to the founders.

This particularly affected my life as I also lost some team members and the branch I’ve been looking to relocate to closed down. But then, I wanted adventures.

Compensated by the long weekend with extended family. Good to chill, particularly the part in which I completed the summer tire drive before the snow fell upon us.


  • </> htmx - high power tools for html if you want SPA without the SPA
  • OK I gave up fediverse a try, again. Currently, I will probably run my own instance at one point. I am happy to see the mix of Atom and ActivityPub revived, and getting interest of people trying to figure out good algorithmic timelines in the open
  • I’ve walked 13 km. I’ve been active for 3.4 hours during 5 activities. This week’s max speed was 18.7 km/h and I conquered 68 elevation meters.

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