Notes for weeks 44-45 of 2022

Since I’ve been released from a sick custody, I went full into oversocializing myself. Bunch of friends visited Prague from all over the world, and it was time to catch up after long years. It’s hard to catch friends with young kids, so I did what I could.

Afterwards, it was the Productboard’s turn to oversocialize me with onsites. It was fun catching up with everyone in person, but boy it was not easy after being locked down for a month straight. I was filling in for my boss, and I peaked again into the life of a leadership. It was as fun as a the whole-day meetings can go, and it reminded me how Director-level positions are definitely not a fit for me. And of course, since it was a room full of people who travel the world, I inevitable got exposed to Covid again.

I started to make an effort to read more calmly again.

Weeknotes mid-term future

Weeknotes are sparse, and they will stay so. I have multiple major personal changes in flight, and they take most of my mental energy. I think I am reasonably good at running a lot of parallel projects, but definitely not when they require calling a lot of people, and interacting with people that refuse any asynchronous communication. Finding time to do “personal work” calls in the few minutes between my “work work” calls is no fun.

I definitely hope for things to improve next year, but given schedule, I find it unlikely. I may consider pausing the week notes, but then I do find value from having the personal archive. Adjust your RSS subscriptions accordingly and remmeber that you can subscribe to essays only. I still sent all my longer form writing as a batch to my newsletter, altough that is now an annual exercise. One of the ways this may improve is me seeing a way for some of my private work writeups to go public on our company blog. If so, I’ll keep you posted (hah).


  • In the week 44, I’ve walked 27 km and ran 1 km. I’ve been active for 6.2 hours during 7 activities. This week’s max speed was 25.1 km/h and I conquered 652 elevation meters.
  • In the week 45, I’ve walked 4 km. I’ve been active for 0.8 hours during 1 activities. This week’s max speed was 27.8 km/h and I conquered 26 elevation meters.

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