Notes for week 24 of 2022

We finally rolled out our career ladder inside Productboard, wrapping up on one major project off my list. Writing it down is easy: aligning everyone around it, not so much.

This also freed my time to go back to my work around domain modelling. One technique I am exploring is event storming; while I’ve used it in the past for discovery, I am now looking in how to use that for sustainable artifact maintenance. So far, results are mixed, together with the usability of the tooling.

I started going to the city more often and I got appreciation again for running into people randomly. There are days where I do miss my past city life.


  • I’ve walked 15 km, rode 117 km and swam 714 m. I’ve been active for 9.1 hours during 15 activities. This week’s max speed was 38.3 km/h and I conquered 428 elevation meters.

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