Notes for week 23 of 2022

Catching up after vacation was longer than usual. The week was affected by my enjoyment of a medical procedure and resting to recover.

I’ve decided not to go to WebExpo this year, but since Productboard was organizing a warmup party, I stopped by. It’s been a real pleasure to catch up with everyone after a long time, and to enjoy some of my colleagues off working hour.

I do miss having more in person events, yet at the same time I am still kinda cautious. Plus my social muscle is really still a work in progress.



  • We shipped another beta product! If you are a select customer, you may see something new in the Reporting section section
  • Hiring takes more and more of my time, but you are still welcome to come in as our permissions expert, position so respectable that quite a few candidates gave up when I explained all consequences of the role. It’s for people who are up for a challenge!
  • I wrote a new opinion peace about Kafka messages that I may turn into a blog post
  • I also resurrected my work on domain driven design and did a first internal meetup. Times are changing

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