Notes for week 18 of 2022

My team passed through a significant review process at work, which means I am starting to have some life back. I started some biking again and our group made some Gloomhaven progress.

I’ve met with my ex-colleague and we’ve established that we’re all frustrated when we observe our teams develop APIs. The world is due for API Blueprint, reloaded for draft purposes only. Some people may be frustrated enough to give it a try.

Only now I’ve noticed the release of Cell-0 and it’s becoming one of my favorite Apocalyptica albums. The recipe of the week is Sticky orange chicky stir-fry as a healthy-ish way to satisfy sweet cravings.



  • We’ve passed a signifant milestone towards delivering something shareable. Looking forward to be able to talk about it
  • One of my hobbies is to demonstrate the usefulness of defragmentation of focus time, compound effects of broken windows syndrome and the effects of possibilities of quick fixes in the SaaS environment. Three weeks into experimenting with a dedicated not-really-oncall agent, it was really nice to see a wide-eyeed engineer being excited about fixing a bug before customers noticed it, just because we’re finally tending to each and every alert that comes our way. It’s one of those things that make me really enjoy my job

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