Notes for week 11 of 2022

This week felt fast. I continue to shape up a new upcoming project that I hope I’ll be able to share more about soon. It seems I managed to, ahem, guide my team out of the Scrum’s deathclaws, let’s see if that’ll be successful for all of us. We got first week of having a dedicated person to handle interruptions; it seems to be working well.

I was catching up with social and family events, so there wasn’t much more than work beside that. I want to enjoy it before the combined hit of next omicron wave and more refugees will hit (3.3M fled as of today).

On a more positive note, spring started properly and murdering overgrown trees remains to be a serene exercise. The temparatures crossed a bikeable threshold; I hope this season will be longer than the last one. I do have bikeable office to commute to this year, let’s see how quickly I’ll get discouraged by the city traffic.


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