Notes for week 9 of 2022

This was very much defocused week. Against my own advice I’ve been following news quite a bit this week to know where to focus my spare energy. Perhaps as a side effect, I spent more time in the city than in the last few months combined, meeting friends et al.

The winter was merciful on our camp and our Junktown tribe is ready for the next chapter; I mostly spent the weekend destroying things and chopping wood. Being at a missile defence base during a conflict with a nuclear power somehow has a different vibe than usual.

I officially took over a new team. It slightly feels like throwing a lot of my work in the last quarter out of the window, although it’s of course present with my old team, but it feels like starting over in a sense. Lots of new and very different challenges ahead.

I am starting to passionately hate how some people use Miro and Loom. They both have great use cases, but I see people using them as lazy writing, passing on “brainstorm artifacts” rather than polished results. The feels like unedited podcasts; the effort is passed on the consumer.

My thumb is healing and I am starting to get faster at writing again.


  • I’ve walked 7 km. I’ve been active for 2.5 hours during 3 activities. This week’s max speed was 28.5 km/h and I conquered 59 elevation meters.

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