Notes for week 8 of 2022

Starting this week, I am leading a new team. A fellow engineering manager returned to their development duties and in the new structure, I’ve decided it will be best for everyone if I’ll move further away from the APIs.

This also means I am going closer to Ruby than Kotlin and that I’ll have much larger product surface. Let’s see where it will lead.

Like everyone in my cultural sector, I’ve been busy second half of the week doomscrolling about the new local war and its potential consequences. Given my local political situation, I am pleasantly surprised by the reaction and trying to help where I can.

This is in a stark contrast to the Syrian problem and our reaction to the refugees. I can only hope this event will cause us to collectively develop more empathy towards those less fortunate.

Because remember, this is where people are dying in wars today:

The list of wars as of Mar 2022


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