Notes for week 7 of 2022

Work continues on future system design, a lot of time was spent in Miro this week. Otherwise, I spent most of the week preparing for a major family event. It went well and without drama. Side-effects included me visiting a barber after a year or two.



Finally a public launch! Although this has been delivered for select customers for a while, now we’re going GA: integrations with Amplitude and Mixpanel.

This is thanks to my team; I’ve been only involved as someone who pokes into proposals. It’s good to see projects going from an inception to a release in a few weeks though; it’s a good litmus paper of organizational health.

I did an internal talk on SCS. I really like them compared to “microservices”. In my mind, they started clicking even more when done together with domain model activities (since they identify well the areas that should be a single service/system) and event storming that identifies well the domain events that should flow between the systems through log replication (Kafka or Kinesis).

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