Notes for week 6 of 2022

I got a new Mac Pro at work, sending me down the rabbit hole of a lot of settings. Being me, I also discovered a serious bug with it in which Ethernet networking is not working well and I have no idea why.

Since I am only for a short time at Productboard, I was not part of our performacne cycle, but I’ve been asked to provide a lot of feedback nevertheless. This is the part where taking notes continuously pays off, but it still takes time to organize and calibrate.

I started a new project with the team and we tried Event Storming to map it out. I’d say it worked very well: it’s taking us a lot of time, but not because of the techniques itself, but rather new product and technical questions and we have to answer. I call it a success.

Remember how I totally-haven’t-broke-my-thumb three weeks ago? So according to an orthopedist, that should’ve went into a cast. Fortunately no long-term damage has been done, but using computer continues to be an exercise in serenity and patience. Another learning: do not trust a friend-doctor with a conflict of interest.

As a reward, I dragged part of my regular board gaming crew into a lot of async games of Through the Ages. I almost forgot how much I like it.

There was a weird outage over at Draci Doupe; neither frontend application could connect to database. It got resolved shortly after I started manually debugging the connections and I don’t have enough information to say if it was correlation or causation.


  • Past a certain point in a software architecture’s history, everything is a migration. Yup ¯_(ツ)_/¯
  • The story of a test automation engineer and an olympic ice hockey player
  • I got a new computer and decided to go with a new keypair: my productboard pubkey is here, key id 7651E8B1, fingerprint 77EA 5E5F 9989 FE72 CC09  F383 F540 26D0 7651 E8B1
  • I had some fun with Synology DSM 7 ugprade since suddenly my Let’s Encrypt certificates were not generated. I thought I’ll blame changes in the IPv6 stack, but turned out I accidentally put in private IPv6 address. I have no idea why it worked before, but I don’t care enough to investigate
    • Why is IPv6 doc prefix within the range of normally addressable addresses?!? From the spec:

      The document describes the use of the IPv6 address prefix 2001:DB8::/32 as a reserved prefix for use in documentation.

  • I wrote another draft of Why I Hate Scrum. People like it, but also have very valid counter-points, so it will take a while to finish
  • I’ve walked 24 km. I’ve been active for 7.2 hours during 8 activities. This week’s max speed was 13.5 km/h and I conquered 377 elevation meters.

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