Notes for week 4 of 2022

I continued to be submerged into DDD with a lot of longer-term planning conversations on the side. I got involved in hiring and will welcome a new engineer into my team. As a side effect, I got exposed to the hiring process and I am trying hard not to try to redo it from the ground.

I used to have busy Mondays, having all of the plannings and 1-1s there. Now I have converged to have the same on Friday and I can’t tell if it’s better or worse. My team is also done with a release–but waiting for external dependencies. I realized how I have harder times when public release is more decoupled from “development complete”.

I still run on a limited writing capacity and yes, it’s still annoying.

I realized Google announced the removal of free GSuite and it sent me down the rabbit hole of how I want to redesign the digital life.

Kudos of the week goes to IKEA for flawless replacement service.


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