Notes for week 2 and 3 of 2022

On the second week, I’ve been sinking into the consequences of trying to extract DDD artifact from a larger company. It’s going as badly as expected, but with roughly the results I’ve been hoping for. We’ll get there.

It’s fascinating how almost two decades after The Blue Book, there is still so little practical implementation advice and agreement on useful artifacts. Maybe I am doing it wrong, but looking around for how to actually capture the domain is still not satisfying. There is a bridge missing that would link domain design to practical, day-to-day development and provide a reasonable usability link. AML is kinda heading that way, but still far from satisfying.

For the third week, I disappeared into the mountains to rediscover how I like cross-country skiing; I always hated the infrastructure around downhill skiing (although I like snowboarding), but this is close enough to hiking to like it. Apparently now, ski touring is a thing that I may also enjoy.

As usual, I managed to hurt myself when trying not to hurt someone else. All is fine, but it limited my writing, hence I am cathing up with weeknotes too late. It also reminded me ]how I can’t imagine anyone to survive without touch typing](


  • My MacOS sometimes doesn’t load SSH keys in the agent properly. ssh-add --apple-use-keychain ~/.ssh/id_rsa fixes that
  • Working on removing backup duplicates on my Synology NAS:
    • docker run --rm -itv "/volume1/backupdir:/backup" debian:stable-slim bash
    • apt-get install fdupes (on GitHub)
    • time fdupes -rdNI -l deleted.log /backup/ (read README first to avoid data loss caused by symlinks)
  • AppImage looks like an interesting take to an old problem
  • Remote access to Docker on my Synology NASif you want ssh context instead of tls auth and docker context (my TLS expired and meh)
  • List of games that Buddha would not play
  • Managing Datadog With Terraform —- oh finally
  • In week 2, I’ve walked 15 km. I’ve been active for 6.8 hours during 9 activities. This week’s max speed was 11.5 km/h and I conquered 428 elevation meters.
  • In weke 3, I’ve walked 20 km. I’ve been active for 19.0 hours during 10 activities. This week’s max speed was 30.8 km/h and I conquered 478 elevation meters.

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