Notes for week 1 of 2022

I got sucked into work properly and most of my week was spent trying to figure out various ways in which to capture domain models. Since I am collaborating with most of other teams, it’s an interesting team building exercise.

I’ve started a new URL space for weekly notes. I may or may not move all of the past ones there. And I finally finished another essay, although I have troubles digging feedback out of anyone. I guess I should just hit “publish” and move on.

I had to start decompressing more in the evenings, so I am processing Christmas book gifts at an acceptable rate.


  • Googling for Consumer-driven Contract Testing is hard those days 1
  • Pact(flow) is interesting. I wonder how useful it is for testing external contracts, I may give it a try
  • I have missed on JSON5 went 1.0. For me, JSON5 is mainly useful when JSON is used as a configuration language because of the comment support. Should you use JSON as a configuration language? I don’t know, depends on the context. Some people say “never, just use YAML”—but YAML is a very complex beast with a lot of nasty surprises you may not want 2
  • Missing types in JSON? RFC 8927 - JSON Type Definition is for you. The XSD came full circle
  • I’ve been looking for configuration languages and there are two interesting entrants
  • Web3 is going just great is now one of my most favorite web sites
  • I’ve walked 27 km. I’ve been active for 6.5 hours during 10 activities. This week’s max speed was 26.6 km/h and I conquered 180 elevation meters.

  1. Travellers from the future: the year is still a pandemic year and the only allowed CDC acronym is Centers for Disease Control and Prevention ↩︎

  2. Like there are 63 ways to write a multi-line string with various properties. And I am fan of Norway, so I don’t want it to cause bugs (writing unquoted “No” for Norway’s country code gives you False, leading to surprises) ↩︎

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