Notes for week 52 of 2021

I’ve been mostly relaxing as I’ve enjoyed building antibodies. In response, quite a bit of reading and board gaming happened.

I am 5 weeks away from a consistent year of week notes! I have conflicted feelings; I see the value here for myself (and I do search them regurarly), but I am not sure how useful is it for others. Since polishing takes a bit time, I have a feeling it’s related to the fact that I haven’t wrote many other long-term notes or essays for this blog since. I will try to kickstart that and than see.

I will also move them to their own space for other notes not to be flooded and to give them more screen space on the home page.

I went to take a look at the blog analytics…after a year or so? I’ve decided that’s not worth feeding the surveilance capitalism, so I went and deleted the GA codes. I was thinking about doing something larger with the blog when I started, but then life happened and I decided I am more happy doing what I am doing. This remains my writing venue and I am not optimizing for visits. I may use some ethical analytics in the future, but as someone said, those are “just counters”, but that’s actually all I am interested in.


  • TIL rank() SQL function and the fact that SQLite supports it
  • System Design Primer seems to be a good resource for beginners as well as a good refresher
  • I’ve walked 10 km. I’ve been active for 2.1 hours during 2 activities. This week’s max speed was 11.2 km/h and I conquered 67 elevation meters



  • It was only a 3 day work week, so finally there was time. I was mainly polishing backend and making pipeline work again since the new release of Python 3.10 broke it
  • Found backups from the complete beginnings. They awesome; I may publish them for a memory blogpost. I think the only constant there are my design skills.

(I think they are also headed for a disappointment as I don’t see anything that prevents centralizations on those technically decentralized platforms and everyone raving about cutting out the middleman goes and buys/sells NFTs at marketplaces…but maybe it will be different this time™)

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