Notes for week 51 of 2021

As is often the case, busy week leading to Christmas. No random notes as I spent it all at work, tryign to figure out whether to do a risky change at a short timeline, or deal with consequences of not doing it later down the road.

Unexpectedly for me, I have decided for the latter.


  • I’ve walked 19 km. I’ve been active for 4.5 hours during 6 activities. This week’s max speed was 10.3 km/h and I conquered 286 elevation meters.

Books Finished

Domain-Driven Design Distilled

A distillation without context. Good for someone like me who pushed through The Blue Book™ decade and a half ago, but possibly incomprehensible without it.

It also neatly showcases the largest fault of DDD: it claims a search for clarity and understanding, yet it defines a whole dictionary that separates it from everybody else. I do get the advantage of new words without possible pre-concieved ambiguities, but I don’t think the result works well. All it does is to make it easy for converts to recognize each other by using a distinct lingo, for noone else will say Bounded Context or Ubiquitous Language and will definitely not write them In Upper Case As An Important Word.

And it is a shame because the ideas are solid, but following the DDD tradition of The Blue Book, nobody seems to be able to express them well.

Vaughn Vernon: Domain-Driven Design Distilled. ISBN 0134434420. Rating: 2/5. Book on Goodreads

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