Notes for week 50 of 2021

Packed meeting week with little time for anything. I really look forward to things slowing down and having time for actual work.

I did my first all-hands presentation to ramp people up around a project I invented. It went reasonably well, now the question remains if the work will actually get done.

The Czech implementation of D&D’s d20 was delivered to me! Kudos to everyone involved.

And of course, internet was on fire thanks to log4j and CVE-2021-44228 & CVE-2021-45046.


  • Spec Markdown looks really cool for its use case
  • myrepos if you need to work on top of a collection of git repositories, but want to avoid monoreop
  • There are a lot of “computer network names” in MacOS. To set them all:
    scutil --set ComputerName “newname”
    scutil --set LocalHostName “newname”
    scutil --set HostName “newname”
  • Algernon’s Law : your body is already mostly optimal, so adding more things is unlikely to have large positive effects unless there’s some really good reason (h/t Scott Suskin)
  • I’ve walked 6 km. I’ve been active for 3.1 hours during 6 activities. This week’s max speed was 55.7 km/h and I conquered 37 elevation meters.

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