Notes for week 47 of 2021

I spent most of this week in work meetings. I also went to the office quite a bit and since the commute is not exactly short, there was little time for anything else. I tried to use evenings to wind down properly and to adjust for jetlag1. The weapon of choice were board games, most often the Lost Ruins of Arnak accompanies by Through the Ages and Machi Koro.

I managed to only offend a few people and discovered two major architectural projects that “someone” should do. How much people appreciate me poking holes remains to be seen; I am starting a clock.

As my home country continues to manage pandemic as an unimportant side project, I am converting to be a remote employee again. I’ve enjoyed seeing people face to face, but a waning dose, the overwhelmed hospitals and the rise of Omicron2 tells me to wait it out.


  • Receipt of the week is not really a receipt, but rather a technique. Velveting makes a difference! I am generally trying to cut down on frying, but when I do, this simple step elevates the effect of a quick meal by a lot, and it doesn’t add much time (although it requires planning)
  • My random buy of Soleirolia soleirolii is turning into another graveyard project. Let’s see whether dying plants are salvagable after reading more into the care taking interwebz
  • I experience a weird bug in which Google authentication inside an app refuses to redirect for Okta SSO. This means I can’t get my work calendar into my phone, causing various annoyances. I suspect it’s some security setting I enabled somewhere and now I can’t figure out how to get it back
  • Quite a few of my colleagues use clockwise; I am not sure if it doesn’t point to a cultural meeting problem, but it is a good hack
  • How GitHub advices people to combine GQL and REST API
  • I also went to do few oneliner fixes on Graveyard and of course letting a project alone for a few weeks means that CI is failing for no good reason
  • Through playing with Dogsheep (a less impressive version of wolf-ram, hehe), I discovered iNaturalist. I have a feeling you’ll find me there
  • I’ve walked 4 km. I’ve been active for 0.8 hours during 1 activities as I am still waiting for my toe to recover. Meh

Kotlin & JVM

  • You know you work around Java when your ORM is paid. Irony aside, other open source communities battle with sustainability of its development for years where this looks like a working and sustainable effort, except for the bus factor
  • After setting up an easy project with a few JVM version conflict, I will never make this joke again
  • I remember why I disliked Java ecosystem so much (back in the days of version 1.5): more than elsewhere, the error is accompanied by a long stack trace that ends with “GenericSomethingAbstractFactoryError: Some XML somewhere else configured dependency injection badly, check logs”. The ecosystem improved somewhat, but there is still a way to go

  1. 8 am meetings may not cause you to travel time zones, but they do that to me ↩︎

  2. I, for one, am disappointed by WHO’s choice to skip the Greek ν (“nu”) in naming the variants. We already nicknamed it “ňuňu” in Czech and it’s a shame for such a nick to go in vain ↩︎

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