Notes for week 45 of 2021

Bureaucracy week. I was catching up with accumulated errands and updating my data with the government.

As I’ve been catching up with my feeds, I took it as a good opportunity to garden it and unsubscribe.


  • Our e-government works way better than I thought. I’ve been able to set up an electronic identity remotely, verify it using “government email” and pair it with the existing yubikeys I have for the strongest access. The change setup was way easier than my expectations
  • I have tried acroyoga training and really liked it. I also maintained my habit of at least trying to break a bone everytime I do any form of yoga1. While the bone seems to be holding, I am again up for limited activity in the next few weeks sigh
  • I’ve walked 15 km. I’ve been active for 3.9 hours during 7 activities. This week’s max speed was 16.1 km/h and I conquered 224 elevation meters.

  1. Last time I tried, I broke a rib and cracked two. Fair, it may have had something to do with falling off a snowboard before, but I maintain my opinion that yoga is not safe ↩︎

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