Notes for week 39-44 of 2021

I tried to escape life by cruising Italy by car. I visited Hungary and Slovenia on the way.

For anybody else trying this, I can recommend taking a ferry from Genova to Palermo. It takes almost a day, but saves a lot of time compared to driving. I have to say driving in Italy is an adventure of its own and I now understand why they are so many Fiat 500s.

A lot of the nice places require planning in advance and buying tickets, something I have underestimated. It made sense to me for the archeology sites, but I didn’t knew you have to do the same for mountains.

I set myself a deadline for having my work sorted out before leaving at the end of October. This was a very na├»ve thing to do and I’ll avoid that in the future. It took me three weeks to decide and sign and offer and while there was no problem sorting it out when travelling, it was affecting the vibe for me.

As part of the transition, I stopped reading my pocket and went fully into fiction books, hence no reviews and no recommended reading this time.

The technical content will resume shortly.


  • In the last six weeks, I’ve walked 254 km. I’ve been active for 67.5 hours during 41 activities. I conquered 6470 elevation meters.

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