Notes for week 37 and 38 of 2021

In the last two weeks, I was only doing two things: pretending I do slides for my talk and doing a lot of interviews.

The talk went well: the conference was less attended than normally and the rooms were half-empty as people were dispersing around and online. It somehow made it more relaxing for me, but as before every talk, I have been questioning why am I doing this to myself again. I failed to immediately write the talk down, but I do hope I’ll succeed before it evaporates from my mind.

Interviewing for more companies, coordinating, and trying to get them done on time is a time management task on its own. I am not sure how do people do this if they also have to prepare for the interviews themselves. Nevertheless, I am happy I forced myself to do this: it’s a good way to get an overview of the market and interesting projects. That said, next time I am not aligning job-hunt and writing a new talk.

I have disappeared for a weekend to play RPGs as I am catching up with the OSR movement (I’ve tried Knave and it’s not bad). I’ve been surprised how much of a relaxing event it was for me and I am still trying to unpack why.

The main problem with the last two weeks was a total collapse of my “moving around” regiment. This is to be fixed before my body disintegrates.


  • Apes piloting drones somewhat put things into perspective
  • Run following git command if you forgot what was the name of your local branch that you last committed to (tip from Vladimir):
$ git for-each-ref —sort=-committerdate refs/heads/
  • I’ve walked 16 km and rode 90 km. I’ve been active for 7.4 hours during 8 activities. The max speed was 60.1 km/h and I conquered 1049 elevation meters.


  • By default, Selenium tests in Django will get 500 without any traceback as it overrides the settings.DEBUG. It’s possible to override it back in the constructor; ugly, but useful:
class SeleniumTestCase(StaticLiveServerTestCase):
    def __init__(self, *args, **kwargs):
        super().__init__(*args, **kwargs)

        if not settings.DEBUG and settings.OVERRIDE_SELENIUM_DEBUG:
            settings.DEBUG = True

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