Notes for week 35 and 36 of 2021

My focus for the last two weeks was to get Graveyard as close to production as I can before the release party. While not everything was finished, the major pain points are done and the main blocker is to fix the old version to be able to run on a new URL.

The party was awesome. I expected five of my old friends to show up, around 40 people were around instead and everyone looked happy. I realized I really like how it’s a different slice of my social bubble as we had everyone between a policeman and an MP.

The secondary focus was to finally start a more serious job hunt. The last interview I did was in 2006 and I don’t remember the last time I had to write a CV; it is an interesting experience. Reaching to companies through standard channels instead of my network tells me more about the company than I thought.

And last, but not least, I am at a “version 1.0” of my upcoming talk.


  • Open Telemetry goes CNCF
  • TIL: JSON Lines
  • I entertained the idea of having unsubscribe links without having to generate per-user tokens and I like this proposal
  • I’ve walked 37 km, rode 23 km and swam 1120 m. I’ve been active for 11.5 hours during 15 activities. My max speed was 58.3 km/h and I conquered 810 elevation meters.


  • _mysql_exceptions.OperationalError: (1824, „Failed to open the referenced table ‚mytable‘“ happens when InnoDB table is trying to create foreign key to a MyISAM table
  • I started to quite like Enums and use them a lot. They are problematic when used with Django templates as they are technically callables, yielding unexpected (empty) results. The solution is to add a do_not_call_in_templates = True class attribute to them. Enum attributes are frozen on creation, so this doesn’t add additional possible value
  • TIL: You can use update_fields to improve Django save performance
  • TIL: Python has a nice wrapper for generating secrets

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