Notes for week 31 and 32 of 2021

For the past two weeks, I’ve been mostly sailing in the Baltic Sea. This was my first experience with extended sea sailing; I’ve gained some new perspectives. Sailing also allows visiting of a new places and Christiansø is a worthy one. I regretted not bringing my drone until I found out it’s a no-fly zone anyway.

We had excellent weather. The only mentionable events were accidentally inspecting Nordstream construction during night, engine disintegrating during marina parking and collision course with an unspecified NATO warship that we’ve fixed a bit too late for my taste.


  • I’ve walked 28 km and swam 434 m. I’ve been active for 46.5 hours during 10 activities. This week’s max speed was 15.8 km/h. And most importantly, I’ve sailed almost 600 km in 65 hours
  • The advantage of having contributors: Graveyard development haven’t stopped!
  • I have discovered leap seconds are governed by IERS. I am struggling to imagine what it is like to work in a place like that
  • I can’t help to think that all smart MLM gurus converted and started being crypto moguls. You can rely on this community to provide genious out-of-context comments (the article is a fun to read though)

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