Notes for week 30 of 2021

Short week because of Tour de Family. Taking random easy walks made me plug into the world of Witcher through Pokemon Go Monster Slayer, an objectively stupid game with nice AR.


  • I’ve walked 17 km, rode 12 km and swam 1078 m. I’ve been active for 5.2 hours during 9 activities. This week’s max speed was 39.6 km/
  • I’ve learned about ads.txt (and I have no idea why it’s not under .well-known/)
  • I think I will give Plausible Analytics a try
  • If there is a typo in Hugo post metadata (like date or lastmod), hugo serve will happily just skip the page without any warnings. I haven’t found a way to check for this, so extra manual care it is


  • Heroku streams all logs through US, except for dedicated plans:

    The Logplex router resides in Heroku’s us region. Consequently, an app’s logs pass through infrastructure in the United States, regardless of which region the app itself resides in.

    Not happy about it as I am crafting my GDPR statement.

  • Setting up Heroku deployment notifications to Slack required more research than it should. The easiest way seems to be not to do that from Heroku, but from Github and use Github Slackbot for that. The channel subscription than is:

    • /github subscribe dracidoupe/graveyard deployments
    • /github unsubscribe dracidoupe/graveyard issues pulls commits
  • Related to that, deployments are well-exposed via Github API. This leads me to believe that I could finally have a proper conventional deployment changelog for SaaS projects. Sounds like a good side project to me, but I’ll focus on launching Graveyard first as September is close.

  • I tried to look for alternative to Papertrail, but it seems like it’s still the easiest solution for toy projects on a free plan

  • My contributors are back 😏

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