Notes for week 28 of 2021

In preparation for the next week, I mostly biked around and visited friends, significantly cutting down on screen time. I’ve managed to launch an MVP and started organizing a meetup.


  • I’ve walked 8 km, rode 252 km and swam 686 m. I’ve been active for 16.4 hours during 10 activities. This week’s max speed was 52.2 km/h.
  • It’s been a while since I did a 100 km ride; I survived better than I’d expect. The goal of the trip was my burned-out ex-colleague who went to start a farm (and got into Forbes 30 under 30 with it). We unfortunately choose about the only weekend in the whole year in which they took vacation.
  • I’ve finished playing the example adventure of The Quest. I am unhappy to report a subpar experience. While the rule book is excellent, the system not so much. In addition, the official example adventure highlights all major problems of the game without the main benefits. I am willing to give the game another try, but it failed to impress. That said, I am not really into D&D-style characters; if you are, you may enjoy it more. Resolving everything with unmodified d20 doesn’t motivate players to find creative solutions.


  • I’ve launched an MVP of the Tavern and gave it to people for feedback. It served its purpose: the rage over what’s missing gave me a pretty good idea of what’s important for next iterations.
  • I’ve picked a date for meeting few of my friends as a launch party. I started a Facebook event and first five people confirmed in the first minute. The trend hasn’t continued, so hopefully I will not have to register it with a city council.
  • Related to that, I’ve started to drastically cut down on the original scope to be able to shut down before the meetup happens. The ticket is a good conversation starter as well. This is happening also because I am starting to panic about my August plans, September talk and since all other contributors are out of service.

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