Notes for week 25 of 2021

Week mostly spent on Graveyard with uneventful progress.


Graveyard & Django

  • After working with React, it’s really easy to get used to hot live reload of the application and miss it elsewhere. For Sphinx docs, sphinx-reload is great for providing that experience
  • I’ve been overusing reversing URLs in views instead of just using HttpResponseRedirect(request.get_full_path()) to navigate to the current page (after form submission etc.)


  • I’ve walked 25 km. I’ve been active for 5.8 hours during 7 activities. This week’s max speed was 10.4 km/h
  • My life was slightly disrupted by having a tornado around. I live on the other side of the country, but this was one of the few events where I could not unplug from news, friends and checks
  • Recipe of the week was Sweet and Sour Brown Rice Salad from Isa’s Cookbook. Because of it, I’ve learned about the existence of Adzuki and discovered I like them a lot. They are good as a lean protein during the heatwaves. I again failed to make a reasonable amount, so I guess this may be food for my next week as well
  • I thought that I have an empty summer, and than I started to plan it. I am starting to be in a mild panic about my September
  • I bought The Quest for myself and looking forward to the first game
  • My partner haven’t saw BSG yet, so here I am, spending time getting more anxious for no good reason

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