Notes for week 24 of 2021

I was disabled by heat wave and life events. I tend to migrate north for the summer, but this is not practical this year, hence I am mandated to suffer.


  • I’ll be looking for a new adventure that starts in October. If you know about something where I may be a fit and don’t mind waiting until then, let me know
  • The “political” article is out: On Consequences of Europe’s Age Pyramid


  • Finishing boring jobs™ this week. As a reminder on why you should have the minimum amount of system tests possible, I am debugging a flaky test that only happens in CI and never locally (at least not within a day of running it nonstop)
  • Once again, it took me a while to save a chain of related models properly. When working with foreign keys, Django doesn’t travel the hierarchy for you. Hence you must correctly .save() individual objects in the hierarchy, bottom-up and only assign related models to their fields after they are saved. Otherwise, everything will work in the context of the same page or script, but the relevant IDs will not be saved in the database. Django will scream if those relations are NOT NULL, but not otherwise


  • I’ve walked 3 km. I’ve been active for 0.7 hours during 1 activities. This week’s max speed was 10.8 km/h
  • Related, I hope my bones are back in order and I am post my shot, hence numbers should go up despite local heatwave
  • Recipe of the week is Isa’s Pad Thai

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