Notes for week 22 of 2021

Hopefully last slow week. I’ve been also hit by a heatwave and readjusting my temperature expectation. Time has come to move towards making ice teas.

Programming-wise, it was chores week continuing the translation cleanup. I hope to get to new stuff next week.


  • I’ve walked 41 km. I’ve been active for 9.3 hours during 7 activities. This week’s max speed was 9.4 km/h.
  • If you want to bundle all your javascript code into a single bundle (i.e. because you want an easy distribution to your friend) using webpack, LimitChunkCountPlugin with maxChunks=1 is the way
  • I spent quite some time looking for good HTML5 calendars only to discover that input type=“date” is reasonably supported as well as well-looking
  • I continue to listen to Lyfjaberg in a loop

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