Notes for week 20 of 2021

The low energy weeks continue, the expected remaining duration is three more weeks. I’ve been using the remnants for errands and closing down some smaller issues.

I’ve also developed a small component for a friend, getting an excuse to properly use Web Components.

When talking to friends, I had some new work observations that I managed to write down and one of them even passed editors. New essay coming up tomorrow.


  • I’ve walked 22 km. I’ve been active for 5.8 hours during 6 activities. This week’s max speed was 12.2 km/h.
  • An algorithm for matching applicants to a pool of limited resources (e.g. schools) where it doesn’t make sense for the applicants to lie: Gale-Shapley
  • On sensor accuracy: a month of vigorous training lowered my VO2Max, according to Garmin. And then it bumped by 10% after a relaxing river walk. ¯\(ツ)
  • I wanted to develop a simple web component for a friend. Since it’s super simple, I went with static HTML and vanilla JS, opened the page in a web browser, and…you can’t do imports, because of local file security improvements caused by CVE-2019-11730 . Fine, my trusted python -m http.server 8000 it is—which doesn’t work, because it serves javascript as HTML, which triggers MIME sniffing protection. Fine, node’s http-server . -a localhost -p 8000 it is! Which fails differently for the same reason. Yeah, I know, security is important, but sometimes I am a boomer missing 90’s. Anyway, OK, Webpack.
  • Overall, I had fun with web components. The tutorial that helped me most to get some of the nuances is the one by Felix Kling. For simple interactive elements, I think it’s going to be my default way of doing things
  • For long, I’ve loved Sphinx and had a very lukewarm relationship to reST. I knew using Markdown was an option, but that left out the cornerstone features of sphinx. A friend pointed me out to a solution: MyST!
  • Leo CVE Dashboard looks useful, should I ever be responsible for that again


  • Thanks to all helpers who went on and manually fixed broken HTML in over 600 old articles! All 25781 articles on the site are now flawless :)
  • Progress halted as we wrapped up features and decided to bite the bullet and properly rename all model attributes to English, leaving the underlying column names behind. After a while, I’ve launched PyCharm to do the refactorings and unfortunately, I am unimpressed. It works well for the Python code itself, but for renaming attributes, it misses two major parts of Django:
    • It cannot recognize objects passed to templates, essentially ignoring templates altogether
    • It doesn’t recognize QuerySet arguments. Renaming attr to attribute on MyModel will leave MyModel.objects.filter(attr=value) unchanged

I am happy with the tests I wrote.

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