Notes for Week 11 of 2021

Packed week. Quite some time spent with hiring, but I also finally got myself few days dedicated to pure coding. It was a bliss; I made more progress in a day than in the preceding week or two. Focus matters.

I committed to this year’s WebExpo. I’ll talk about the tech bets we did in Apiary and how they’ve played out–see you there!


  • Modern git is awesome and starts to have usable developer experience, with single command instead of reflog spaghetti. New discoveries:
    • Looking for a file lost during rebase: git reflog -- ./path/to/file (if just lost because of too much branching, use git branch --contains <hash> to find the branch
    • git maintenance start
  • I was developing Python sparingly, so I just used black from CLI. As I am starting to write it more, I wanted more editor integration: How to set it with PyCharm and with Visual Studio code
  • Dexie (the IndexDB wrapper) now provides cloud service for multiclient indexdb sync
  • There is a in-memory IndexDB reimplementation for testing in node.js environment (i.e. with Jest). It works well with idb
  • JSON:API seems to get some library traction: the list is large. It is not very curated though and a lot of libraries I tried are outdated or very skeleton-like. I also see a lot of GraphQL influence: a lot of libraries try to use API resources like a database and navigate it like a graph exposed over network. I wonder how well that works in real life.
  • If you need to test next.js API routes with a running webserver, here is the setup/teardown code
  • JavaScript plans to have a reasonable way to work with time
    • Related: do you know what will happen on September 13th, 275760?
  • My favorite fun fact I give in my talks about time is that Earth’s rotation should be speeding up because of it’s dance with the Moon, but it’s slowing down instead–and nobody is sure why. Well, that’s not true anymore: Earth rotation was speeding up last year. Beware, developers: negative leap second may come for real!
  • Someone filed a bug to my project that’s unmaintained for a decade. I should really get better at closing old projects.

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