Notes for Week 9 of 2021

Not much to write about this week. There was a lot of distraction. When I finally got time to program, I somehow ended up whiteboarding instead.

Vercel and Next.js

  • I am looking into utilizing web workers for speed. Setup with Webpack or next.js is not entirely straightforward:
  • One of the things that make Vercel a pleasure is its system of preview deployments. But there is a gotcha: every deployment has a “primary” URL in the form of appprefix-<git hash> If this deploy succeeds, it may get additional “aliases”, like appprefix-<git branch> or However, only the “primary” URL makes it to the VERCEL_URL system environment variable (or any other one). This makes for more complicated wiring if you need to send a “redirect back” to external system (like OAuth2 server)

Books Finished

I am posting my reviews to goodreads, but since they are retiring their API, I’ll start posting them here as well.

The Tiny MBA: 100 Very Short Lessons about the Long Game of Business

I almost gave up on this book during the first 20 pages or so. Author talks at length about whether MBA makes sense given expenses and whether you learn that much compared to reading a book is just noise. It would be a shame: the rest of the book is good.

No individual chapter is worth singling out as a breakthrough, in-depth analysis, or a mind change. But together, they work as an excellent overview of various aspects of running a business. For most of them, the author also gives pointers to other books for additional learning.

I am tempted to recommend this to everyone: even if you are not going to run a business on your own, you will still better understand your environment if you know how it operates. And this is a short enough read to be worth it.

Short, simple, persuasive language. Except for the beginning, not much fluff. I like this trend in writing.

Rating: 4/5. The book’s homepage.

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