Notes for Week 7 of 2021

I got mostly drawn into correctly figuring cross-service authentication. I spent a lot of time tinkering with OAuth2 and JWT.


  • Deleted file in PyCharm/WebStorm (same as git rm <file> && git add <file>) and want to restore it? git restore --staged <file> && git restore <file>
  • If you want to store files on global object with TypeScript (e.g. following figma tutorial), create global.d.ts in your project folder and add
declare module NodeJS {
  interface Global {
    attributeName: typeName
  • Vercel deploys user application to subdomains. Someone lost patience, and the whole domain is blocked in the phishing army list. If you use it, you need to whitelist your particular deployment domains manually The domain is not blacklisted anymore 1
  • Same story for selected datacenters of Digital Ocean, and OpenPhish (which also serve build logs for your Digital Ocean’s apps)
  • Digital Ocean app spec is not a “template for deployment” as my mental model was. Instead, it is the deployment serialization. Changing it changes and overrides the deployment state. Updating an application with the spec overrides any changes that were done meanwhile, like added environment variables (explains the last week)
  • If you want to add encrypted environment variables to your application, add them through the website and then download the new spec using doctl apps spec get <app uuid>
  • If Django user is marked as is_superuser , but not is_staff , it can’t log in to Django Admin
  • Chopper on Mars is flying OSS, is on Github
  • MyST: Markdown + reST, of interest if you like Sphinx
  • I soft-enabled DMARC for my emails. If you expect an email from me to no avail, please reach out as I may have misconfigured something.


Readings from this week

  1. Vercel’s Head of Engineering reached out in two days. Good job! I am keeping the original text here in case someone else would need to debug a similar issue (see Digital Ocean issue). It took me a while to figure out why is this happening as otherwise, my blacklists loaded into router’s adblock don’t cause issues. ↩︎

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