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Technology Choices Are Bets

Choosing a technology is not a choice, it’s a bet. Read more

On B Players

A-Players and B-players are used to label people unnecessarily while ignoring the influence of the environment. Read more

Which Scale?

There are a lot of scales and scaling needs to be discussed within the appropriate context. Read more

On Acurracy and Bullshit

Acurracy and Bullshit are not in opposition. Read more

On Uneducated Hiring

The practices of hiring seem to carry over from education system experience. Unlearn them. Read more

Continuous Delivery Is A Risk Management Strategy

Continuous Delivery is not a way to develop software faster, but rather to manage risks well Read more

On Successful Startups

There is one distinct thing that stands between successful startups and failures. This is based on my own experience, listening to the inside stories from the Valley, talking to multiple startup founders as well as to a few of FAANG early employees. It is the only advice I am comfortable giving that I am confident will increase your odds significantly and outweighs every other factor I am aware of: Be lucky. Read more

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