Notes for week 17 of 2021

Spring is officially in full bloom since that’s what my magnolia is doing. I got properly sucked into the Graveyard project. This got reinforced by two events:

  • I started a Discord for discussing some of the features. When I posted about its existence on its long-forgotten Facebook page, around twenty people joined in the next few hours, posting memes like this:

Where is In your heart

Some old communities never die ;)

  • While I am trying to fly low, I got some outreaches and I started having some work conversations. That got me thinking that my next work job may start earlier than I’ve been planning and put me into a proper “ohshitohshitbutIalsowanttofinishthisfirst” panic mode

I told myself May is where I’ll start paying for the infrastructure and set up a proper production version. Let’s see how that goes.

Django & MySQL

  • I spent nontrivial time ruminating over more complex join queries. The real savior is the FilteredRelation object
  • Running migrations when deploying to Heroku is simple, just adding release: python process_tasks to Profile
  • My 0000-00-00 00:00:00 adventures continue. Turns out for some columns, I need a manual migration to ALTER TABLE table MODIFY date_column DATETIME NOT NULL; this gets rid of the annoying default, but of course needs a data migration first


  • I’ve walked 25 km and rode 73 km. I’ve been active for 11 hours during 13 activities. This week’s max speed was 54.4 km/h.
  • I had no idea that Joseph Pulitzer of the Pulitzer price is a founding father of yellow page/tabloid journalism. You know, the thing the prize is against. He event send the US into a war over it. Tells you something about the power of propaganda and legacy management.
  • I was really surprised by few dozens of people joining my Discord the same evening I announced it. Old communities don’t die :)
  • I have to say, GitHub matrixes are really nice
  • I discovered the CSS filter property. Especially when used with icons, it allows a lot of very nice subtle touches. Especially useful with dark mode CSS
  • Spend some time working on Paver which I neglected for a long while. The source of my procrastination was the need to move completely to Python 3, which is nontrivial amount of work on this project. But it sparks joy, it is kind of a Zen gardening

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